June Meeting and Election

Final meeting of the fiscal year!  We will elect our slate of Officers for the upcoming 2016-2017 year.

Proposed nominations:

Grand Knight: David Cousino

Deputy Grand Knight: Rowdy Yates

Recorder: Jeff Larkin

Treasurer: Ed Miller

Warden: Scott Sellars

Advocate: Mark Daniel

Chancellor: Chris Johnson

Inside Guard: Dennis Staples

Outside Guard: Eddie Clark

3 year Trustee: Leonard Peck

2 year Trustee: DD Michael Furman

1 year Trustee: Jim Jorgenson

Jeremy Brown has been recommended as the new Financial Secretary.

Also tonight: state convention report and votes on distribution of scholarship funds and other business.  Faithful Grubmaster will have a meal!

Business Meeting at 6:00pm, Rosary at 7:00pm, General Meeting at 7:30pm

We look forward to seeing you!

List of nominees for office

Here is the proposed list of nominees for office for the upcoming fraternal year of 2016-17:

 Grand Knight:  David Cousino

Deputy Grand Knight: Rowdy Yates

Chancellor: Chris Johnson

Recorder:  Jeff Larkin

Treasurer: Ed Miller

Advocate: Mark Daniel

Warden: Scott Sellars

Inside Guard: Dennis Staples

Outside Guard: Eddie Clark

One Year Trustee: Jim Jorgenson

Two Year Trustee: Mike Furman

Three Year Trustee: Leonard Peck

And the council has decided to submit Brother Jeremy Brown as replacement financial secretary after our fellow brother Jeff Nicklas vacates the position in August.

A special thanks goes out to everyone that is running for office and to our outgoing officers. The council will hold the election at our June Meeting!

May Meeting

Meeting this Wednesday, the 4th! Business meeting at 6pm, rosary at 7pm, general meeting at 7:30pm

We will be proposing our new slate of officers for 2016-2017 as well as addressing the search for a new financial secretary and the upcoming SPC May festival!

May Birthdays

Happy Birthday this month to our fellow brothers:

Edward J. Ryder 5/1

Victor W. Miranda III 5/3

John K. Statham  5/6

Robert R. Siebenmorgan 5/8

Dennis W. Benson 5/12

Willie J. Lawrence 5/14

Scott C. Sellars 5/14

Hugh B. Riley, Jr. 5/15

James E. Stallings Jr. 5/15

Carlos J. Giron 5/18

Edgar A. Carstens, Jr. 5/21

Terry A. Merschat 5/23

Eric P. Russett 5/24

Joseph M. Degrandis III 5/27

Robert D. McAfee 5/29

Roger W. Clevenger 5/31

Christopher J. Barroso 5/31

4th Degree Exemplification

Council 925 is to host the Middle Georgia 4th Degree Exemplification tomorrow, Saturday 23rd at St. Joseph.

Help needed from 4th degree members for set up, serving lunch, cleaning up, and taking down props.

Lunch prep begins at 7:00am. Help needed for setup and serving around 12:30p, clean-up after lunch, and assisting the state team in loading up their trailer.

Anyone wishing to participate in the Honor Guard for the Exemplification Saturday, please report to the hall between 9:30 and 10am. The state team will give instructions.