March and April Birthdays

Happy, happy birthday to our fellow brothers:
March Birthdays
Nick J Popp 3/1
Travis D Scott 3/1
James B Wesley 3/6
Jesse N McClung 3/8
Joseph K Johnson 3/8
Jeremy M Brown 3/11
Bernard A Fanning 3/12
Ralph Delgiorno 3/13
Gary W Schwab 3/15
Wayne P Mcintyre 3/24
Gregg D Maskell 3/21
Roger L Walden 3/22
James D Giddens Jr. 3/22
Johnny P Deustch 3/24
Steven F Mastrangelo 3/26
Donald R Coates Jr 3/26
John H Newsom Jr 3/28
Douglas E Heiman 3/28
Steven A Handlos Jr 3/28
Gavin Y Holton 3/29
Frank A Scavo 3/30
Gary L Eddy Jr 3/31
April Birthdays
Timothy N Bushey 4/4
Charles R. Tidwell 4/4
James A. Webb 4/6
James J Bothe 4/11
Alfred B. Peters 4/14
Anthony J. Hargerove 4/21
Rev Vernon W. Knight 4/28
Michael R. Wisdom  4/30

Fish Fry 3/11

Another fish fry tonight! Please come out and participate. Proceeds from tonight’s event go to Council 925 Charities.
Volunteers needed to assist with clean-up after fish fry at 7:00 PM. Saturday morning clean-up of the Council Hall that starts at 10:00 AM.

Fish Fry 2/19

Tonight’s fish fry from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM benefits the Kolbe Center for Life. Come and show your support!

Kitchen help needed. Clean-up to occur Friday night immediately after the Fish Fry and Saturday morning at 10:00 AM. Coffee and donuts Saturday morning at 9:45 AM.

Thanks in advance for all your support.

Vivat Jesus

January Birthdays

Rev Daniel T Melaba 01-02
John M Danovi 01-06
Marion F Clark Ii 01-07
Glynn F Hornyak 01-08
Reginald D Russell 01-10
Samuel R Barfield 01-11
David V Hayden 01-13
Phil M Mc Goldrick 01-13
James C Pittman 01-13
Thomas E Stevens 01-15
Brandon Lee Bales 01-18
Michael J Furman 01-18
Thomas J Eden 01-22
Kenneth E White 01-23
Joel A Reott 01-27
Thomas P Dorety Jr 01-31

Maximillian Kolbe Center Benefit


Council 925 will donate proceeds of Friday, February 19 Fish Fry to The Kolbe Center.
Thanks to Worthy FS and all the guys who worked tirelessly for FAM Fish Fry. You were terrific!
PGK, Joe Hargrove is class act, jumping into the fray to coach and assist team with arm in sling.
Thanks so much to Clean-Up team for job Friday and Saturday. We need your support again this weekend.
Vivat Jesus