Rev Daniel T Melaba 01-02
John M Danovi 01-06
Marion F Clark Ii 01-07
Glynn F Hornyak 01-08
Reginald D Russell 01-10
Samuel R Barfield 01-11
David V Hayden 01-13
Phil M Mc Goldrick 01-13
James C Pittman 01-13
Thomas E Stevens 01-15
Brandon Lee Bales 01-18
Michael J Furman 01-18
Thomas J Eden 01-22
Kenneth E White 01-23
Joel A Reott 01-27
Thomas P Dorety Jr 01-31

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  1. A little late but not forgotten.
    We hope that you and family are well and you had a great time on this special day. Happy Birthday and God Bless.
    Vivat Jesus

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